Tuesday, February 14, 2017


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  1. This chapter was interesting, not particularly for its intended theme, the magazine, but rather as a look at art criticism. Just as each collector has their own personal vision, it seems so true with each art critic. Obviously, it is easier and more rewarding to write about art you are invested in. However, it is a funny thing to note that not only might curate their criticism from this perspective, they also give credence to how their writing will effect a career, material, movement, etc. As one critic noted, he might be aware of the consequences behind giving a New York Times article to a developing artist versus an established one.

  2. I now see Artforum as a real thing made by people, rather than some local object that is just part of some larger non local system, a hyperobject participating in the existence my new found favorite concept of unfathomably existential things. But no, it's also just a thing made by various eccentrics. Interesting how their advertising works though, very capitalistic (hyperobject). I care much more about many tangibly ungraspable ideas put into cohesive packages much more than art world games. Like in the perspective of the Earth from high above, everything seems basically ok. All our human things are so trivial. But from this horizontal perspective, oh, we are like frantic ants being antagonized by a celestial body hyperobject that has more influence on us than we can consciously understand unless you're a schizophrenic Buddhist, that is, the Earth.