Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Comments for Advanced Sculpture Readings Here

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  1. "All we did was science, and where was all the passion?"
    ... "It didn't occur to either of those critics that there was something the matter with their own conception formation"
    I enjoyed the discourse about the illusion of being saved in Conversational Drift. That the idea that we'll just be able to come up with the right technology to save us from impending in ecological disaster is a complete farce.

    Furthermore, in The Site as Project, as I relished seeing an architect make thematic formations of works, lumping together those that I might not have lumped, to illustrate larger points about the ways in which functionally approach space. Especially enjoyable was the examination of Richard Long's work in which he uses alternative mapping strategies (I.e. seeing 30 black birds). It reminded also of Clido Meireles work with alternative maps.